My First Yarn Bomb

I’ve been reading up on yarn bombing and looking through all sorts of blog posts about it. It seems really fun, like a less-illegal form of graffiti (and I’ve always thought graffiti looked fun!), and I’d like to get into it.

There used to be a sign right outside the parking lot next to my apartment building. The sign was taken down several months ago, but the pole it was attached to is still sitting there, pointless and alone. I decided it would be my first yarn bomb “victim,” and got to work crocheting a long tube to put over the top of it. I used bits of leftover yarn until I had none left and I went out around midnight to put it up. I felt a kind of rush, like I was doing something illegal, which I know is silly but it felt pretty good anyway lol.

I wish I'd made it a little longer, but I love it anyway, and it has adorable scalloped edges~

Best first yarn bomb ever! I’ve started on my next yarn bombing project already. It’s going to take a bit longer and be (hopefully) a lot cooler. I’m excited about it and it’s going to be hard to wait until everything is done, but I think putting it all out at once will be better than doing a little bit at a time. Besides, I’d like to wait until winter is over because 1) I don’t want snow ruining my masterpieces and 2) it’s cold and I don’t want to go out if I don’t have to.

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