I found something about a mystery afghan crochet-along being hosted by Bernat that sounds really cool. This is the way it works: participants of the crochet-along buy 13 skeins of Waverly for Bernat yarn. Bernat has specified that you need 5 skeins of one color, and 2 each of 4 other colors. In February, Bernat will release the first ‘clue,’ which (if it’s anything like the last mystery crochet-along they hosted), will likely be a block or two. After that, a new clue is released every Wednesday. We complete the clues, and at the end, they tell us how to put it together. So we don’t know what the final product looks like until then.

I think it sounds awesome, but even with the 25% off Bernat is offering on their Waverly yarn (or the even better deals I can get at Michaels or JoAnn), I can’t afford 13 new skeins of yarn. I barely have the room for them either!

So I decided to find a different crochet-along (or CAL) I could join in on. Happily, I found the perfect thing on Ravelry! It’s a group of awesome people who crochet a 12″ block each month (for a total of 12) and then put them together at the end of the year. They also offer filler squares if you’d like your final product to be bigger than 12 squares. It’s really cool and I think it’ll be a good way to learn some new stitches. And the best part: I don’t have to purchase more yarn. I’ll just use random yarn from my stash. I started and finished the January square yesterday.

It was so fun and easy that I think I'll be making more than just one for each month.

I had no idea how to do all of the cluster stitches, but I figured it out pretty quickly. I started out using Vanna’s Choice and an I hook, but it was way too big and loose, so I dropped down to a G hook and made sure I crocheted tightly. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would and I really like it.

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8 thoughts on “Crochet-Along

  1. She's Crafty! says:

    I think I joined that CAL also. Are you going to do a completely different pattern each month? If you do, are you going to stay with the same color pattern or be random?

    • Bean says:

      Oh, awesome! What’s your ravelry name? Mine is dogpoo (I don’t know why – I tried to make an account last year and found that I’d already made one, and the username was dogpoo heh). I’m going to do a different pattern each month. I think they’re going to suggest at least one 12″ block every month, so I’ll at least do that one. I haven’t decided if I want the finished afghan to be just the twelve 12″ blocks, or if I want a few smaller blocks in the mix. Definitely doing lots of different colors because I need to get rid of some of my random yarn… it’s probably going to look ridiculous! Have you made any plans for yours?

  2. She's Crafty! says:

    I’m jenvidal13 on ravelry. I haven’t participated much, I’m more of a stalker :) Plus, who doesn’t love FREE patterns.

    No plans yet. I’m still working my way through the first block and its already ridiculous LOL. But I like fun colors, so it will scream “ME” when its all done.

    • Bean says:

      Haha good, it should scream “you”!

      I was a lurker on Rav for a while too. There are so many people there, I usually don’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been said.

  3. She's Crafty! says:

    I finished my first 12inch and am working on the filler 12 inch. Now that I’m just about done with it, I’m starting to feel, just as you did, that the I hook is too big. It seems sloppy. I think I’ll do the 6 inch fillers with the smaller hook and see how I feel after that.

    • Bean says:

      Yeah, I’m really glad I ended up switching. The block was turning out so floppy and weird. When I compared my loose one to some of the pictures posted in the group, their blocks looked so much better. With the I hook, my clusters didn’t look like clusters… more like blobs. I don’t think they show up well in the picture, but in real life, they look more like clusters now.

  4. Kathie says:

    The square you made is beautiful! I am also on Ravelry (kathcrochet) but have just been a stalker. Maybe I will do the 12″ square as well.
    I am planning on doing the Bernat CAL. They do say that you can use your stash instead of buying the yarn which is what I’m doing. I’m using mostly TLC yarns I’ve had around for awhile. Luckily I have 5 skeins of two different colors and two skeins of 4 other colors.
    Right now I’m crocheting an Easter dress and sweater for my granddaughter. Luckily(!), I’m unemployed right now and have plenty of time to crochet!

    • Bean says:

      Thank you! I’m going to add you as a friend on Ravelry if you don’t mind :] My username is dogpoo (I think it’s time to change that name… I always feel weird telling people what it is). You should definitely join the block-a-month group. I was a bit of a lurker before I joined but everyone there is so nice that I’ve post a bit more often.

      I thought about using stashed yarn for the Bernat CAL, but I don’t have enough of any one color. It’s mostly scraps (just enough for making a block a month!). How lucky that you had the perfect amount of stashed yarn though! I imagine I’ll be able to say the same next year if there’s a 2013 CAL :]

      If you have a camera, you should come back and post a picture of the dress you’re crocheting! I wish I knew a kid so I could make it all sorts of stuff hehe

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