Sick Day

I’m sick and my feet are cold. Slipper Day!


Got the pattern here:

Really quick and easy, didn’t take long at all. I love them. I was going to put a bow on each one, but the bows I made didn’t look like bows. Then I was going to put a flower on each one, but they looked stupid.

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5 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. She's Crafty! says:

    they look hard :( I can’t seem to get crocheting in a round and connecting without making a mess of it.

  2. She's Crafty! says:

    P.S. Add a little butterfly :)

    • Bean says:

      Ooh, that’s a good idea. I’ve never made one, do you know of a good pattern?

      I have the same problem with joining in the round. I bought a slipper pattern on Etsy in November and still haven’t been able to get it right. I always end up with extra stitches because I join in the wrong spot every time, even if I’m using stitch markers and counting everything. And I can always see where I’ve joined because there’s this stupid-looking hole in every round of the slipper. When I made these, I didn’t join like the pattern suggests. I used hdc (instead of dc) and just worked in a spiral the entire time and it worked out perfectly.

  3. She's Crafty! says:

    I have to admit, I’m a bit of a youtube tutorial junkie. Here is a link for a butterfly by one of the people I follow :) Not sure if its small enough thoough.

    • Bean says:

      Haha perfect! I watch a lot of youtube tutorials too – including a lot of tutorials by this same woman! It’s been a while tough and I didn’t even think to check youtube. Thanks!

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