Scarves, Slippers, and… Puffs?

Well, despite taking a fall that left me bedridden for a couple days (the bruises I have are unbelievable!), I’ve had a busy week! Plus, it snowed yesterday, so I was happy to spend the day doing nothing but crocheting.

It looks funny, but I love how you can see the flakes – my old camera never captured flakes!

I started and finished Valentine’s Day-themed scarf.

I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in Raspberry and an F hook.

It’s a slightly modified version of a pattern I found online. I think the pattern was written wrong, or else I was reading it wrong, so I didn’t follow it. I’m really happy with it because I had the idea for it before I even found a pattern.

I also made Nate a pair of slippers.

I used mill end yarn I got on the cheap from A.C. Moore. Black, very soft.

He wants an orange border around the foot-hole spot, but he has been wearing them almost nonstop (see: hair and dirt all over the slippers). I made them the same way I made my own slippers last week, but held two strands together the whole time. They’re a lot less floppy than mine, so I want to make myself another pair with two strands held together throughout.

I started on my half of a blanket I’m working on with my mom, but couldn’t get good pictures of it. I took advantage of “Dollar Days” at Michaels and bought several balls of Lily Sugar’n Cream for use on a pattern for an owl purse I purchased. I never buy patterns, but this one really cool.

Last, but not least (well, maybe least), I made this little puff…

Made from sock yarn I got in a trade from Canada.

It’s a slightly lopsided hexipuff, or Apiary Puff. The pattern was originally a knit pattern for a Beekeeper’s Quilt. Knit a ton of these little hexagons, stuff them with fiberfill or yarn scraps, sew them together, and you have a rad honeycomb blanket. I’m so glad the pattern was adapted for crochet. The hexipuff was quick and fun to make, and I really like the way sock yarn patterns out. I always have a ton of projects going on so it’s going to take me a million years to make enough for anything, but I’m happy to have a little something to work on when I don’t feel like working on a big something.

I guess that’s about it. I did manage to start something with the blue and white mill end yarn I bought last Monday, but I didn’t get very far before I decided to work on something else (of course!). I’ll have a picture whenever I finish it though :]

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14 thoughts on “Scarves, Slippers, and… Puffs?

  1. She's Crafty! says:

    If you have a glue gun you can put little dots on the bottom of the socks so they aren’t slippery :) I”m jealous that you pulled of the sock/slippers. I want to make some so bad.

    I <3 the heart scarf!!!! Its amazing.

  2. Bean says:

    Omg that’s a great idea! I was going to look for some puff paint or something… didn’t even think of a glue gun! Thanks! I just know you can do the slippers. The pattern I used is more complicated than it has to be. When I got to the heal part, I just winged it and didn’t do the increases the pattern calls for and it still worked. I messed up on the first one but after you do it right once, it’s easy to do again and again.

    I really like the scarf too, it turned out better than I expected. You can find the pattern here: It’s just double crochet!

    • Bean says:

      Oh, and just in case you (or anyone else) want to try the scarf but are hesitant because I said there was a problem with it… I figured out why I had trouble. Every time you chain 3 at the beginning of a row, it counts as a dc. So at the beginning of a row, the pattern might say ch3 and dc 13 times, but it actually means chain 3 and dc 12 times for a total of 13 dcs. I hope that makes sense. I think most of the patterns I try to follow spell everything out for me, so I’m not used to having to figure anything out for myself and that’s why I was confused.

  3. The scarf is fab! One of the best things I’ve seen on a blog in a while!

  4. Sarah says:

    Great scarf! And lovely hexapuff. I bought the pattern for the knitted version but wasn’t happy with my edges so unpicked all my pieces.

    Just added you to my google reader :)

    • Bean says:

      Thank you! I’ve still only made this one puff but I like it. I’m not too happy with how uneven it is, but when I look at the blanket, it looks like most of the edges are hidden anyway. I figure if I make enough for a blanket, I can put the best-looking ones on the edge and all the bad puffs can be part of the middle. No one will know! ha!

      I just checked out your blog and I really like it! I had to google “google reader” to add it to mine, but I totally did! Also, now I’m really stoked about Google Reader. I’d heard of it but never bothered checking it out and it’s awesome.

  5. bwince says:

    I really liked the scarf. If you need something to do on one of those snowy days, you can make me one.

    • Bean says:

      Thank you! :] I’m actually trying to sell this scarf in my Etsy shop, , but it doesn’t get a lot of traffic, so I’m not sure how well it’ll do. I’m not very good at knowing how to price the stuff I try to sell lol

      I’m looking forward to more of your blog posts – I love finding new craft bloggers :]

  6. dillytante says:

    Love the puff! I love the Beekeeper’s Quilt but my knitting is awful. Great idea to do it in crochet.

  7. craftyninja says:

    The heart scarf is just beautiful!!! love it!! the color is so fab!

    • Bean says:

      Thank you! I love the color too. I got it as a one-pound bag of mill ends at A.C. Moore and I went back to see if I could find more but sadly, it was gone.

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