Goodbye Flowers and Cake Design

Tonight was my final class in the second Wilton course, Flowers and Cake Design. I had a really great time in this course… it was definitely more fun than the first. I signed up for the third course (Gum Paste and Fondant) right after class tonight and if it’s as least as fun as this course, it’ll be totally worth the money.

I’m super tired so this will just be a quick post with a couple pictures since I already wrote about the class in my super-post last week.

This is a basketweave, made with buttercream icing. It can be used to make a cake look like... you guessed it... a basket.

I didn't have enough time to smooth out the frosting, but I'm otherwise very happy with this cake! It's two layers, strawberry cake with lemon filling and vanilla buttercream icing. There are Wilton roses on top, a violet garland around the side, and a reverse shell border (which we learned today). The roses and violets are a deeper purple than they look in the photos.

My course 2 completion certificate!

And that’s it for now. I’m soooo going to bed! Can’t wait to eat cake tomorrow :D

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13 thoughts on “Goodbye Flowers and Cake Design

  1. thewineycook says:

    This looks like a lot of fun! I should try and find this here in the DC area. I’m a terrible cake decorator at the moment so I’d need to start in the pre-school version. :)

    • Bean says:

      You definitely should! I know for sure that they offer Wilton classes at Michaels, JoAnn, and A.C. Moore, if you have any of them in your area. The courses are usually 4 weeks long (one day each week), and they’re priced at $45, but the stores always have some sort of promotion going on so you can probably find a place offering them for at least half off. I’m proof that the classes work – I started the first course in February knowing absolutely nothing about cake decorating. I’d never even baked a cake!

      • thewineycook says:

        Actually, we have all three here in the DC area. In fact, there’s a Michael’s a couple of miles from our house. I’m not the best cake baker for that matter, either. I’m a pretty decent cook but baking (let alone decorating said baked goods) has somehow eluded me after all of these years. Perhaps it’s the scientific nature of baking whereas cooking is much more fluid and adaptable in my mind.

    • Bean says:

      For some reason, I can’t reply to your second comment, so I’m replying here!

      I had the same problem with baking, though I can’t say I’m a good cook when it comes to ANY food haha!

      But if you can bake a cake, even from a box, I’d definitely recommend it. It might do for you what it did for me and help boost your baking confidence! It can get expensive though, especially in the first class because you start out with no tools at all. On top of paying for the class, you must purchase a kit ($35, but less with a coupon). I was able to keep the first class under $100 total because I used a coupon every time I bought something I needed. Between the three craft stores, I can almost always get 50% off an item.

  2. Do you take the cake ready baked to the class? Or do they provide them?


    I like the basket weave effect.

    • Bean says:

      I have to take the cakes to class. I was a little nervous about that since the first time I had to bring a cake was also the first time I ever baked one, but so far, it’s always worked out!

      I really like the basket weave too! I came to class with my flowers already made and an idea of how I was going to decorate my cake, but when we learned the basket weave, I reeeeally wanted to use it. I just didn’t have anywhere to put it!

    • Bean says:

      I have no idea! I guess I’ll just be the go-to person among my family and friends when it comes to birthday/event cakes. One of my boyfriend’s coworkers actually wants to pay me to make a birthday cake for her son, so maybe I’ll practice a ton and get good enough to sell cakes/cupcakes. That would be cool.

  3. royalcookie says:

    Your purple roses are beautiful!! I’d guess you’ve been up to this for years based on them! Great job. If you liked the 2nd course you’ll love the 3rd :) Have fun!

  4. Sarah says:

    They look great!

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