Geocaching with Ruthie

I usually walk a dog named Ruthie once a day. Right now, her owner is in the hospital, so I’m stopping by a lot more often than once a day. Ruthie’s owner takes her everywhere, and I’m worried with Ruthie is super lonely because she’s not used to being at home alone so much. So, I took her geocaching!

It didn’t really work out very well. I went to two small parks and Ruthie was just too excited for me to really look around for the caches.

The first place we visited was Beaver Pond Park here in New Haven. Unfortunately, it was super dirty and gross, and I had trouble keeping a curious Ruthie away from the trash that littered the path. I didn’t find the cache (and I suspect it’s gone), but I did see a duck chillin’ in the water!

After that failure, I decided to look for the cache hidden in Eli Whitney Park, which I think might technically be in Hamden. It’s a tiny grassy area I drive by almost weekly but never realized was considered a park. In all the times I’ve gone by, I never even saw the benches or notices the pretty tree in the middle of the park.

There’s even a view of Lake Whitney. If I lived just a little closer, I’d love to hang out in this park and read all the time. In fact, I may have to ride my bike there some time. Anyway, I found the cache quickly (no thanks to the seriously hyper Ruthie who wanted to run around the park rather than look through bushes and trees) and then sat around on a bench for a while.

Before I left, I took some pictures of Ruthie because she was being adorable, as always. Just look at her cute little face:

I was getting hungry, so we dropped Ruthie off at home and headed to Taco Bell (because tacos are delicious), but not before I stopped for one more cache, which was actually very close to Eli Whitney Park. I accidentally drove right by the location because it was yet another place I didn’t know about, but once I figured it out, it was a quick find.

It’s just a little cemented area with a couple of benches that looks out over Lake Whitney. The view was surprisingly nice. I took a few pictures of the lake as well as a squirrel that was eating something in a tree. I decided it was eating a chip.

I really like how the trees are framing that last picture. Good stuff.

This place was really cool, but it was cold and windy and I was still in dire need of tacos, so I didn’t stick around for very long.

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