Geocaching in West Haven

Today, I went geocaching in West Haven.

One of the caches I found was in a tiny park in a residential area. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it, but there was a statue there that was some sort of memorial as well as a bench or two. The best thing about the park were these beautiful trees with bright pink buds and blossoms.

I also went to the West Haven Beaches to search for two caches. It was really nice, despite the trash everywhere (Connecticut is so beautiful but some people have no respect for it!). I love the beach. Frequent trips to the beach are what I miss most about living in California. I can spend hours just sitting with my eyes closed, listening to the water. Anyway, the first cache was a quick find, but the second one required a bit of walking. I’m not going to lie, walking so far on beach sand was not easy, especially in the shoes I was wearing. I took them off at one point, but there were shells everywhere, and they poked my poor little footsies. I came across a large log and decided to sit for a while, then continued my trek down the beach only to realize a few minutes later that I’d completely overshot the cache! I had to backtrack a bit and searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. I checked the logs other geocachers had left on and found that several people logged it as a DNF (Did Not Find) and it hadn’t actually been found for quite some time. At that point, my feet were killing me after walking on the sand on top of all the walking I’d done earlier in the day, so I sat back down on the log and rested a bit more before headed back to the car. I took some pictures along the way.

I was a little disappointed that I’d walked all that way for nothing, but once I was able to take my shoes off in the car, I didn’t mind it so much. At least I got to go to the beach!

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