TURKEYS! …and Some Other Stuff, I Guess…

Today, I was supposed to meet up with a girl I met recently. We were going to go geocaching in Woodbridge. I sent her a text when I was ready to go, but she said she was busy and she’d text me soon. I waited around for a couple hours, but I was feeling kind of antsy so I decided to go to the summit of East Rock and pick up a cache there rather than wait around at home.

I love East Rock. I mean, the whole area. The neighborhood, the park, the mountainous part itself, everything. I’ll definitely be taking some pictures from the top of East Rock sometime, because the view of New Haven is beautiful, but today it was super hot and hazy out so I skipped the picture-taking. I found the GZ (Ground Zero – the term cachers use for the location of a cache) easily, especially since there were already a couple of people poking around there. It turned out that they were geocachers too, which I thought was really cool because I’d never run into other cachers. With their help, I found the cache relatively quickly and headed back down the mountain.

As I was driving out of the park, I thought about how I’d like to go hiking through the woods there. I really enjoy geocaching because it motivates me to hike in the first place. If there’s going to be a surprise at the end of a hike, I’m more likely to do it because right now, it’s hard for me to be enthusiastic about leaving the house most days. While thinking about all of that, I saw… TURKEYS!

I pulled over and captured the turkeys on video rather than taking pictures of them. Here’s a screen shot from the video:

So exciting! One of them pooped! Then they crossed the road and all the cars had to stop. There was a small bus with some jerk kids in it and they made fun of me for filming the turkeys but I didn’t care because they were turkeys! In the park!

After that bit of excitement (for me and no one else), Nate got a call from his mom asking us to come over. I texted the Craigslist girl (though I still hadn’t heard back from her) and told her we had to go but asked her if we could meet up in Wallingford instead Woodbridge. Wallingford’s a little further away but not too far, so I figured it’d be fine.

On the way to Wallingford, we stopped at Todd’s Pond in North Haven, which is another place we didn’t know about. It’s just this random pond on the side of a regular road that I’ve passed many times without realizing it was there. There was supposed to be a cache in a pretty obvious place, but it wasn’t there, I ran around taking pictures instead.

The waterfall was so cool. I wanted to sit and read so badly, but I didn’t have my nook with me. Someday!

I still hadn’t heard from girl I was supposed to hang out with. I decided she wasn’t going to text so I headed to Wallingford to search for a few more caches

I found a couple in a beautiful and peaceful cemetery with some neat old gravestones:

It was really hot for April, and while on the way to another cache I saw (and smelled) smoke from a brush fire caused by the record-high temperature:

I ended up finding a few caches in a few areas full of people, like one near Lowe’s and another behind Home Depot, then headed to an area that required a bit of hiking to find two more caches. There was a really cool tree that looked like a lady:

Actually, it doesn’t look so much like a lady anymore. I don’t know why I thought it looked like a lady. Oh well.

The hiking around was fun, but tiring, and the sun was setting, so I decided to head home. I found 10 caches total today. Pretty good, I think.

I never did hear from that girl, and I’ll admit I was a little disappointed. I was looking forward possibly forming a new friendship. I don’t feel like I have a very good first impression of her because she didn’t even bother canceling. It makes me feel like I might not want to bother making plans with her again. I mean I could have wasted the entire day waiting to hear back from her, and that’s not cool.

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