Course Three Final Cake!

I finished my third Wilton cake decorating course (Gum Paste and Fondant) last Thursday. I had a lot of fun with this course because I felt like I’d learned enough in the first and second course that I really knew what I was doing in the third.

For example: we learned how to make gum glue in the second class. So when the instructor started to teach it in the third, I was able to just do my own thing. We also learned (in the second class) how to tint gum paste, and when the instructor started to teach everyone how to do that, I already knew. It was nice to be on top of things – I liked that.

As for my final cake: I really didn’t like the taste of the fondant, and neither did the people I shared the cake with. I feel like it was a little thick, but because we were a bit pressed for time, I wasn’t able to roll it out as thin as it should have been. The texture might have been less intrusive if the fondant had been thinner. But the cake itself was good, very moist!

If you haven’t baked a funfetti cake before, the mix is white with sprinkles in it. When you bake the it, the sprinkles melt and that’s what makes the little colored spots in the finished cake. I wanted more colored spots, so I added a ton of my own sprinkles to the batter and it came out really well. I’ll do it again in the future for sure.

Now, on to the pictures!

I followed a design in the back of the lesson book. I really liked making all of the daisies. The cake itself was just a box mix – funfetti – with vanilla buttercream. I flavored the fondant vanilla as well.

A close-up of the daisy on top of the cake, as well as a few of the smaller flowers.

A close-up of the border, which started out as an eyelet. One of the eyelet holes tore and I kind of liked the way it looked, so I tore every other hole and it came out looking like this.

Look at all those flowers I made! A whole field of daisies in a little box. A whole field of daisies I dropped in the parking lot at Michaels! Noooo! Haha luckily, I was able to salvage enough to decorate the cake.

The class was a great experience (except for the dropping of the daisies!) and I’m really glad I took it. Now, on to the fourth course: Advanced Gum Paste Flowers!

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16 thoughts on “Course Three Final Cake!

  1. thewineycook says:

    Looks fantastic! Great job! It truly is a beautiful cake.

  2. Wow your cake skills are absolutely amazing. The finish on your icing is perfect, your flowers are stunningly fine and I’m very jealous of how lovely your cake looks. Well done

  3. Wow! Looking v professional

    • Bean says:

      Thanks :] The more I learn, the more interested I am in baking and cake decorating professionally. I’ve seen people selling gum paste flowers online (like on Etsy) and I hope to practice enough that I can do that!

  4. royalcookie says:

    Your daisies look fabulous! Great job!!

    • Bean says:

      Thanks! I really liked the roses we learned how to make, but the daisies were fun too. I had more fun making those tiny daisies than I thought I would!

      • I feel like I’m missing something here, so I was looking up how to do those tiny daisies. I’m planning to do the same cake for my final next week, but the medium mum cutter seems to big for those. Is there a small mum cutter? I know there isn’t one in my ultimate kit, so I’m trying to figure out if it’s something I need to buy. I’d appreciate your help, as that’s the cake my 5 year old would love for me to make!

      • Bean says:

        Hi! I hope I’m not responding too late! The daisy cutters I used didn’t come with any of the Wilton kits, but they’re made by Wilton and I got mine at Michaels. Here is the online JoAnn product page for the cutters: just to give you an idea of what the packaging looks like!

        Good luck, and come back with a picture of your cake!

  5. Betty says:

    Nice work, very pretty.

  6. Sarah says:

    Looks great!

  7. mydearbakes says:

    The flowers are well crafted =)

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