Cake Hump Trifles

When you bake a cake with plans to decorate or even just frost it evenly, you have to level the cake. Some people do that with a knife, others with a cake leveler. After the cake is leveled, you’re left with not only a nice even cake, but leftover scraps of cake. I call those scraps “cake humps,” and sadly they are usually thrown away because I’m too busy with the cake to eat the scraps!

I asked my Wilton instructor what she does with the cake humps and she told me about trifles, which are amazing layered desserts. She said she freezes her cake scraps, and when she has enough, she uses them in a giant trifle which she then takes to a family or work function. I don’t have much room in my freezer, so I decided to make mini trifles out of just the scraps from the tiered cake I made last week.

Using wine glasses, I cut circles in the cake scraps. I layered the circles with the leftover whipped cream frosting and strawberry filling, and this is the finished product (please excuse the crap on the table):


You can create all sorts of delicious desserts this way. I’m excited to make more trifles with all the different flavors of my leftover cake scraps, fillings, and frostings. If I come up with any good combinations, I’ll be sure to post about them!

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