Blog Merging

When I started this blog back in January, I planned to keep it completely separate from my personal life. I wanted it to be like one of those blogs that people looked to for ideas and advice about a specific thing. I figured I’d post a bit while I got better at crocheting and then really get down to it, adding tutorials and everything.

It very quickly morphed into just a place for me to dump stories pictures of all my crafty things, which I ended up liking better than my original idea. I realized I didn’t want anything super serious after all, and I was happy just to have a place to post about my creative side each week.

It’s changing again. Starting now, I’m not going to try to post on a schedule. I’m not going to strictly post about crafts. I’m going to post whenever I want and whatever I want, including some personal things. I don’t plan to get too heavy, but it won’t be all rainbows and unicorns.

I have a personal blog that I posted in a few times, and I’m going to move the posts to this one (keeping their original dates, so they’ll be backposted). I purchased a domain name based on the name of my craft blog, but when it’s time to renew, I’ll be changing it to something more neutral.

If this change loses me some followers, that’s okay, I totally understand. I know that the majority of you started following me based on my crochet or baking posts, and now that those posts may not be as frequent, there may no longer be a good reason for you to follow me. I’ve never been concerned with my number of followers or anything, so don’t feel bad if you have to go. And thanks for hangin’ with me while I crafted!

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