Community Christmas Tree

Every December, a giant tree is placed on a little grassy area near my apartment building. An organization that was formed for the “beautification” of the street I live on used to host a tree-lighting ceremony, with music and free hot chocolate. They did it for two or three years, and then I guess they decided it wasn’t worth it because the next year, they placed a tree with gold lights and that was it. In 2011, and again this year, they didn’t even decorate the tree, they just plopped it down. It’s dumb.

I’ve decided that this year, the tree is going to be festive and beautiful, just as it should be. I bought some ornaments from a dollar store and made around 20 red bows to hang on the tree. Since the tree is so big, I’ve decided to ask the community for help. Today, I decorated the tree with the ornaments I had and hung a sign asking the people of the neighborhood to hang any sort of ornament on the tree. Right now, the ornaments are pretty sparse, but with any luck, my neighbors will think it’s a cool idea and add something of their own to the tree.

Picture time!

Here are a couple of the bows I made, because I'm super happy with how they turned out. Does hanging them on the tree count as a yarn bombing?

Here are a couple of the bows I made, because I’m super happy with how they turned out.

This is the sign I hung up in front of the tree.

This is the sign I hung up in front of the tree.

The tree! You can barely see the ornaments, but they're there!

The tree! You can barely see the ornaments, but they’re there!

I’m hoping to make a few more bows, but my car died so I can’t add any more store-bought ornaments. I’m really happy with the project and I hope my neighbors like it as much as I do!

UPDATE: Three days after I put the sign up, the city and/or the group that erected the tree took down my sign and decorated the tree themselves. They had a tree-lighting ceremony with free hot cocoa. Good for them. But my idea was better!

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6 thoughts on “Community Christmas Tree

  1. Did it work? I wonder if the neighbours got involved too. What a great idea, I bet if you keep it going every year people will anticipate it and join in.

  2. You could even involve blogging community and ask for people to send you handmade items as a kind of Christmas yarn bombing project next year…

    • Bean says:

      Unfortunately for my idea, the city (or the Upper State Street Society, which is a group of people who work on “beautifying” my street) ended up decorating the tree. They had a little tree-lighting ceremony just like they did a few years back.

      I think my little note asking people to help caught their attention because it was only there for 3 days before they decorated it and removed the note. It looked nice, but I think it could have been better if the community had been allowed to pitch in. At least they left the ornaments and bows that I added myself.

      Asking bloggers to send in ornaments is an amazing idea though! I think I’ll try that this year and swoop in on the tree before the city/society can decorate it themselves!

  3. Bean says:

    Yay! I definitely like this idea, it’s on! I’ll let you know as it gets closer, maybe around August/September? That’d probably be a good amount of time for people to make and send something ornament-sized.

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