I knocked my Nook Simple Touch off my dresser and into that cat’s water dish, which is less “dish” and more “large bowl of water.”

Of course, it died. Luckily for me, I had a 2 year SquareTrade warranty with 5 months left! Since e-readers are difficult to fix, SquareTrade just refunded my money so I could buy a new one. Instead of purchasing another Nook, I decided to make the switch and get a Kindle Paperwhite, and it arrived early this afternoon.

Long story short: I totally crocheted a case for it.

I used a variegated Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn, just found it in my stash and thought cotton would be nice, maybe a bit stiff so it doesn’t stretch out too quickly.





Big pictures!

See the line of orange and white towards the bottom of the case? That’s part of 3 rows of slip stitches, which made the case tighter in that spot. So when I put the Kindle in, the case (which is already nice and snug), is a bit tighter in the slip stitch area. If I drop the case or, more likely, I accidentally hold it upside down, the Kindle won’t fall out because it’s being held in place by that one tight spot. I kind of discovered this by accident, and I think it’s awesome. 

I love it, it makes me happy.

And so does the Kindle, if you were wondering. I love it and I love the built-in light. Also, reading is the bomb.

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