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Cross Stitch WIP

Cross Stitch WIP

This is the beginning of my most complicated cross stitch project ever. It’s not huge, maybe the size of a standard piece of printer paper, but there are 51 colors and over 16,500 stitches. I started it in November (2012) but only worked on it one time and didn’t touch it again until 3 days ago. So the pic was actually taken after 4 days of work.

It’s going to take a while. I’ve been experiencing pain in my elbows for a few years but it’s been getting worse. I found out pretty recently that it could be arthritis, but there’s a pretty high chance that it’s something a bit more serious, so I’m trying to take it easy for now. Crafting has become more and more painful (especially since I’m right-handed and the pain in my right elbow is more severe), but I can’t stop because I love it too much :)

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My Favorite Summertime Craft

I have struggled through the past few summers here in Connecticut because I’m always too hot to do anything. The heat is so different here than in California. It’s so humid here, I feel like I’m swimming all the time. My hands get restless. I need something to work on, something to do. But I hate crocheting in the summer. All that warm yarn, ew. I suppose I could work with thinner yarn, but I prefer the thicker stuff. Baking is another summertime no-no. If I had central air, or even an air conditioner in the kitchen, things might be different, but as I learned while baking my birthday cake in late June: my kitchen is pretty much the worst place EVER during the summer. The heat from the oven is too intense when it’s 90 degrees in my apartment and the humidity is at 100%. With the exception of friendship bracelets (which can be annoying to make and usually don’t hold my interest for long), I never had a good summer craft.

This year, I’m happy to say that I have finally found a favorite summertime craft. Cross stitching! The fabric I use is light, the floss isn’t thick and warm, and it’s all very portable. I’ve always wanted to paint or draw, but I’m terrible at it. Cross stitch is a way for me to express myself, and I love it. I’ve been working on a lot of different stuff and I managed to finish my biggest project the other day. It’s a scene from Fez, a fantastic Xbox Live Arcade game. It’s 112×98 stitches (10976 total) on 14ct aida cloth.

The little guy is named Gomez, and I really love his happy face. It was made to be stitched! He’s jumping up to collect a cube, which is a main goal of the game, so as you can imagine, he’s pretty stoked about it. I took a picture every day that I worked on it, for a total of 19 pictures, and put them together in this gif:

I really like the idea of making gifs for all my big projects. I love being able to watch it all come together like that.

I’m also working on some smaller projects, including a few magnets, and even some pins. I’m happy to have something new (and not too warm) to do :]

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The Ugly Granny Stripe

Inspired by both the granny stripe blanket on (in?) The Little Room of Rachell and the fact that I have way too much crappy yarn I’ll never use, I have started a blanket of my own. It’s a granny stripe (because they are neat), but it’s the ugliest one I’ve ever seen because I’m just throwing yarn into it so I can get rid of the stash. At first, I was kind of bummed that it isn’t going to look as nice as the others I’ve seen, but I’ve grown to love it.

It reminds me of my crochet beginnings. All of this ugly stashed yarn I’m using is from back when all I could make was a potholder or a crooked scarf and I had no idea what amigurumi was or that an afghan isn’t something you wear. I didn’t know how to do anything other than chaining, single crochet, and double crochet. When I bought yarn, I bought the cheapest possible yarn and didn’t care what color it was because I always said it was for practice. I wanted to “get back into crochet,” but I’d give up before my few rows of single crochet could actually become something, so I ended up with random half-skeins of puke-green or some horrible variegated mess.

And now, I am using those random skeins to make a blanket because, well, I shouldn’t be buying new yarn until I get rid of some of my stashed yarn, and all of this yarn is too ugly and/or not soft enough and/or there’s not enough of it left for me to make anything else. I did consider a yarn bomb, but there’s too much for that. No, it must become The Ugly Granny Stripe.

This is it so far. It’s even uglier in person. I love it.

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